rural sets



flip-flop, flip-flop (the sound of Summer ending)


“Have a lovely, creative day” …my brother’s words rang in my ears as I struggled with my muse…

and the media screen figuratively collapsed into itself today in a bloody & black hole

Playing machinima inworld suddenly crossed a line & became too frustrating. It is a recursive, cursed act in SL.

Luckily though, in the opposite of ironic way, I had accidentally unlinked all 300 pieces of the Drive In… and when I was nearly done hand picking them out of the screenspace, I paused and realised how lovely the “souvenirs” were – floating randomly in this minimalistic semiotic. Just at that moment, a sweet (Portuguese, I think) prostitute trotted through my parcel and I told her sorry, but I was busy building a chaos theatre…like that was an actual thing ^^ – we had a little chat and went our ways

& so, now that I have given up the idea of running a machinima-cinema, my art practice can resume its usual, P.I. [private investigator] dog persona and my mind can open in Zindra (my first Adult parcel – will it help me “grow up” maybe?)


I am lucky enough to have some good friends to help me if I can ever bear to try and initiate machinima workshops again (for that is what they were really) – but all the aspects of doing that were just so out of my alienated, nooby grasp… Baby steps are what is needed now


As I practice just being a human connecting socially with other humans – about all sorts of things



Found a lovely peace inside Asmita’s, visually beautiful and immersive, Fractal performance piece:



Yes, it did crash some of us – but the beauty was worth it


Take 2


The Drive-In is coming together well and the script in the media screen seems stable and clean – it ought to be ready soon…for the next Screening challenge!!!

(I’ve gone off the Loop idea – too much pressure on our mainland servers to have movies playing constantly on a prim)

So many films, so little time


Thank You to the friends who came over for the first Sunday Screening! YOU were great, including one of the talented filmmakers featured this week, Amelie Marcoud, and the movies were great, and the place feels warmed now 🙂

However, the drama involved in co-ordinating the tech in SL for us all to try and  simultaneously watch something was not so much fun…

soooo, I’ve gone shopping for inspiration about how to rework the situation ;D

and found a fun 1950s Drive In cinema on Marketplace!

I can put my weekly selections into a Loop that will refresh to new Sundae layers each Sunday…


pane meditation


Made a new, wraparound, blackbox [seen here with the top & bottom transparent] to frame up the machinimas

Now we can zoom in – to fill our screens with the movie – and then, with a scroll of the mouse, focus is returned to the world around us..



Here are my posters (inworld) to promote the machinimas to be screened at the Launch. I am getting quite excited about it now!  >Sunday, 18 Feb. 8-10 pm slt<

These are 3 very compelling short films about love, agency, and creativity.

All of them are open-minded and open-hearted pieces, but they each have their own, individual styles that rock this medium

As Amelie points out in her documentary,

“the touch of animation opens endless possibilities as we watch our creations come to life” 




Hope to see you there!